How Instagram’s new rules may considerably impact influencers

Influencers will need to get a real job if “likes” are removed from Facebook and Instagram, with careers already destroyed less than a week after the ban had been enforced in Australia.

Instagram in Australia removed the “like” count leading to outrage and praise for the decision.

The new rules were supposed to get rid of the fear of unpopularity if somebody doesn’t receive many likes. Whereas you’re able to post an image and still be able to see how many likes you get for the image, no one would be able to see your like count. Similarly, users would still be able to like others’ footage however wouldn’t be able to see how many likes it had received.

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TikTok plans to grow content creator base.

Adopts from YouTube playbook, bets on user-generated content to grab advertisers’ attention.

TikTok, the short-video app owned by China’s ByteDance, is trying to grow and diversify its content creator base in India as a part of its monetization strategy.

While TikTok’s primary identity continues to be of an application for creating, sharing and discovering short music videos — a kind of karaoke for the digital age — it’s currently making an attempt to evolve.

And, TikTok is hoping that advertisers will notice and bring in more business.

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Social media marketing Instagram, YouTube, Facebook

A successful social media presence requires brands to effectively reach a target market, listen to an exponentially growing social community and influence fans’ and followers’ purchasing selections.
Social media marketing Instagram, YouTube, Facebook refers to promoting techniques that use pre-existing social networks to extend brand awareness or to achieve other marketing objectives. Social marketing allows brands to use web-based technologies (known as Social Media) to translate media monologues into social media dialogues, transforming users from content consumers to content producers.

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Buy Instagram story views

Personal and business accounts are always seeking a convenient way to increase their credibility and visibility. Buy Instagram story views and get the ability to enlarge engagement with your profile and become popular within a short period of time. New Instagram profiles can also get a boost if they buy Instagram story views. Your profile will be ranked high up on the platform and you will get the opportunity to achieve more followers and fame as well.

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Your top 6 Instagram questions Answered

Instagram became a leading visual social network from the moment it entered the scene. Users flocked to it and naturally brands followed. With over a hundred and fifty million active users and millions of photos shared daily, Instagram has quickly become a place that brands can look to for user generated content and brand advocates.

With such a big amount of filters and a 24/7 nature, there are many ways a brand could get insta-lost. We’ve answered your burning questions here with a step by step guide to getting the most out of your Instagram photos.

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Supreme Court will hear plea against Madras HC order to ban TikTok

TikTok is a popular mobile application that allows users to make short lip-synced videos.

The Supreme Court on Tuesday said it’ll hear on April 15 a plea against the Madras High Court’s order to the Centre to ban the download of the TikTok app over claims that it contains pornographic content, PTI reported. TikTok is a popular mobile application that allows users to make short lip-synced videos.

On Monday, a bench headed by chief justice Ranjan Gogoi had refused an urgent listing of the plea. Gogoi said the plea will come up for hearing in due course of time. ByteDance (India) Technology private limited, which owns the mobile application, filed a special leave petition against the lower court’s April 3 order.

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How to get rid of action blocked on Instagram

If you have landed on this page, we are presuming Instagram has punished you. You’re not alone if it makes you feel any better. Lately, Instagram has been blocking people from commenting and liking pictures due to varied reasons. In this post, we will tell you how to get rid of Action blocked on Instagram.
While Instagram’s main motive behind blocking people is to keep a check on bots and reduce spam, many innocent people have also come under its wrath. If you’re one of them, we are here to help.

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